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Anisha Taken For a Ride!

Anisha is now on a van!!!! I've been keeping this under my hat for weeks and weeks now and, finally, this eye-popping beauty is out there on the roads.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car and the National Literacy Trust have teamed up to give away 23,000 copies of ‘Anisha, Accidental Detective’, to 240 primary schools in nine cities around the UK. Starting today, the van will take six-day tour of the UK to deliver the books in a van illustrated by me! The road trip will start in Belfast and then travel to schools in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol and London. The aim of the initiative is to provide schools in very diverse inner-city communities with a stock of interesting books that they can gift children to take home and keep as this reinforces classroom learning.

I have to say, designing and illustrating a van has been a very odd but very enjoyable experience! It's a shame that there isn't a stop nearer to me than Bristol as I would love to be invited along to see it in person, but the photos are pretty exciting on their own!

All photos here are from Enterprise:


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